Weave Hairstyles – A step Towards Elegance

Weave Hairstyles:

Weave Hairstyle is the one in which original hair are tied up to the scalp in the form of braids and artificial hair are attached to the scalp with different means. Artificial hair may include synthetic hair or human hair as well.

Types of weave Hairstyles:

There are different types of weave hairstyles available to choose. And, almost all types are beneficial depending upon the look you want. Durations of weaves are different depending upon the means of attachment of wefts or tracks.

Clipped Weave Hairstyles:

Clipped in weaves look very close to natural and are easy to use as well. These tracks carry little clips or tiny combs at their ends which can be hung in original hair. Clipped weave Hairstyles are not long lasting and can be styled for temporary change. If you are confused about your hair for a special eve or don’t find any graceful hairstyle for a family gathering, you can easily go for clipped weave Hairstyle. This can really give you a quick changed and desired look.

Weave Hairstyles - A step Towards Elegance
Weave Hairstyles – A step Towards Elegance

Sewen-in weave:

Sewen-in weaves are for those who want a long lasting change. Instead of Clipped weave, they must opt for Sewen-in weave hair. For this, your original hair is tied to the scalp in tiny braids. And then wefts are woven in to give you a new stylish look. This hairstyle may long for seven to eight weeks.

Bonded weave Hairstyle:

Those who don’t want to hide their hair entirely and want their original hair to compliment their wefts can pick up this style of weaving. In bonded weaves, artificial or synthetic hair are fused or stuck with your real hair with the help of glue or tapes. Wefts are added from the places where they are least visible and can be hidden under your real hair. This comes out with a beautiful amalgam of both shades to add to your style statement.

Weave Hairstyles - A step Towards Elegance
Weave Hairstyles – A step Towards Elegance

Advantages of Weave Hairstyles:

Fashion and style have gone under tremendous evolution over the last decade. There was time when fashion was only associated with elites of society and celebrities. But now, it has advanced so much that everyone wants to look stylish and up-to-date. Haircuts result in long term changes to the hair which is now not as much preferable. Let’s say, you want to look different for a friend’s birthday party and you go for a funky or crazy hair do. But, few days later, you have to attend a formal meeting with your colleagues! What to do? The best way is to undergo rapid and quick changes. Weave Hairstyles are very much popular especially in ladies of all ages. These hairstyles also protect your original hair and save them from hot flat Irons, Rollers and curling rods etc. You can freely let your hair grow healthy. And try Weave Hairstyles to look stylish at the same time!
So, Weave hairstyles come up with a double treat for you!

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