Traditional Wedding Dresses Information about some Different Cultures

Traditional Wedding Dresses in Different Cultures:

A wedding is a historical trend, which is going on since ancient times. In every religion, a wedding ceremony can be seen. It is basically the ceremony in which two people are united in a relation. Different cultures celebrate wedding ceremonies in different ways. For instance, in Muslim culture wedding ceremony is based on Islamic marital practices. In the same way, a Indian wedding is based on the instructions of Sanskrit. They use different customs in marriage as compare to Muslim wedding. On the other hand, a Christian wedding is based on Church compulsion, in which expression of worship, reflecting joy, celebration, community, respect, dignity and love can be found. They act upon the teachings of the Bible.

Now-a-days, intercultural marriages become the norm. People, belong to two different cultures are also connected via the connection of religion. In this new wedding trend, interesting customs and values are coming into the society, so traditional wedding dresses is important to your wedding .Traditional Wedding dresses Different Cultures

Wedding Dresses In Different Cultures:

A wedding dress or gown is usually chosen differently in each cultural wedding. Each culture reflects its own tradition, custom and value. For instance, in Muslim wedding, Gharara, Lehenga and Sharara are considered good for the brides. Whereas, Sherwani and Pajama are considered as good for the grooms. In the same way, in Hindu wedding, brides usually wear sarees and Gharara. Whereas, grooms wear fancy Indian Wedding attire. If I talk about Christians, their brides usually wear white gowns and grooms wear traditional modern dress. No doubt that western culture is different from Eastern culture, and these both cultures are literally different from Southern cultures. So they adopt different traditions and customs in each value either wedding ceremony or any other event.

Best Wedding Dresses:

Glamour wedding dresses are considered as the best. According to a number of people, the best wedding dress for an Indian bride is saree and for the groom is Jodhpuri suit is considered as the best. In the same way, when I asked from Muslims about the best wedding dress, they replied, Sherwani suit is perfect for the Muslim groom and lehenga is best for the bride. While in west, western wedding dress with hats, veils and Western accessories is considered as the best for the bride. And for groom, 3 piece suits is the best wedding dress in West. In western culture, Brides wear long max as well.

One can easily choose the best wedding dress just by going through the internet, which is a big source of searching. Multiple searching tools are available there.

In a nutshell, I can say that there are various cultures existed in this society. Each culture follows a different pattern of customs and values. Similarly, they are different in the celebration of wedding ceremony as well. They follow a different pattern in the selection of  traditional wedding dresses as well. In fact, they always choose the best wedding dress for a big day like ‘Wedding’.

The best traditional wedding dresses are necessary to make the wedding day memorable.

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