Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup

Asian Brides, including Indian, Bangladeshi and Pakistani brides usually wear heavy makeup all around the wedding day.Here we discuss about Indian bridal makeup. Their eye looks dramatic but contouring is heavy because they wear heavy dress followed by heavy jewelry. That’s why Asian brides are considered as the most popular brides all over the world because they wear heavy and expensive accessories during the wedding and with the whole ceremony. Every bride looked amazing on their wedding day, but the lot of brides got really nervous about the makeup before wedding day. However, stop getting nervous I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

Dream Looking Touch

  • For the dream looking touch used the given points to enhance your wedding day beauty by getting dream looking touch and stunning impression.
  • Dream Lumi Concealer:

Start with dream alumni touches open the concealed open it up and then turn it around. With your ring, finger takes a small quantity of dream alumni concealed and applies three spots before your eyes.  Ring finger is the safest finger to use around the eyes to apply the conceal from the eyes. While applying conclave your finger should be flat. Apply the concealed with your ring finger on under the eye and on all the way until the hell eye and go very close to your lash line because sometimes the skin under eye becomes little dark. Now apply the concealed on the upper lid as like lower to mix the entire skin tone.

  • Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation:

ext use the dream liquid mousse foundation because this has got the most amazing consistency. It gives you the feelings like you will air brushed. Take a little foundation on your foundation brush. And then take off the access on your hand, and then you start doing the little bit on your forehead, a little bit on your nose, a little bit on your cheeks and chin. Try to cover your nose very well because this area tends to be very shiny throughout the evening. And then apply the little bit foundation on your finger tip and go on your upper lip. It will shade like pink even you don’t want to look this area even very dark.

Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup
Traditional Indian Bridal Makeup
  • Dream Matte Pressed Powder:
  • Now take the powder on the powder brush and then puff the powder brush into your skin. Pressed powder on your eye lid it is very important because this will set the eye shadows.
  • Diamond Glow Quad:
  • For the eyes use diamond glow quad in copper brown because it has four different shades. After that  mix, a little brown on your hand with golden and then apply on your eyes as the eye liner add little bit gold inside the eye liner to get amazing fabulous eyes. Apply the golden solid eye liner throughout the eye lashes on your lower eye lid to get an amazing look.

 Colossal Kajal:

And then finish your eye makeup with Colossal Kajal on the border line it shows the eye being stunning and gorgeous.

  • Colossal Mascara:

Finish your eye makeup with Colossal Mascara it will add the lot of drama and intensity.

  • Color Sensational Lip Liner:

Before applying red lipstick use color sensational lip liner and fill in your lips. It will hold the shapes of your lips you can increase them or decrease them.

  • Color Sensational Lipstick:

And then follow the lip liner to apply the lipstick. There are two ways of using the lipstick if you are not sure of using bright lipstick take some lipstick on your hand and then apply this on your lips with finger for actually good impression.

  • Water Shine Liquid Diamond Lips Gloss:

Finish your lipstick by using lips gloss to get three dimensional impressions.

  • Dream Touch Blush:

Normally just putt the blush opposite to your cheeks to get fabulous look. It will add the little bit glow on your face.

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