Simple Steps to Make Smokey Eyes for Beautiful Look

Do you want a stylish and different eye makeup for upcoming party? Try Smokey eyes this time. In the latest eastern and western fashion trends Smokey eyes style in makeup is preferred. Several celebrities can be seen having this look. Making Smokey eyes is an art, which surely will give you a perfect fantasy look. Try making Smokey eyes look by following few steps. In this article, we will tell you the simple and easy steps, how to make Smokey eyes. Be ready to follow the steps from beginning to the end:

1.            Wash your face thoroughly with warm water. Dry it with soft towel than apply your face cream. Now the things, which you have to gather, are eye shadow brushes. Eye shades with different color tones of the same color. If you choose black than along with it, you have to choose one grey and one light grey with a lighter color for highlighting eye areas above eyelids.

Simple Steps to Make Smokey Eyes for Beautiful Look
Simple Steps to Make Smokey Eyes for Beautiful Look

2.            If you are choosing purple color for eye shade than you have to shades with tones lighter than the dark shade. With blue eye shade you can use golden as a highlighter. You just have to keep in mind that you have to choose a dark base with light upper layer and lightest top layer with a highlighter.

3.         Once you have applied your daily use cream, apply some liquid base to your eyelids, which is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Make it even with your fingertip.

4.          Apply a thin line of darkest shade of eye shadow to your eyelids above eyelashes. After applying it on both eyes, blend it with the help of suitable applicator.

5.            When it is finished, apply less dark shade of eye shadow above the dark one filling whole eyelid plus the area where darker shadow was applied. Blend it after the application.

6.           Now, apply the light shade little bit above from eye lids but below your eyebrows. Blend it too with a suitable brush.

Simple Steps to Make Smokey Eyes for Beautiful Look
Simple Steps to Make Smokey Eyes for Beautiful Look

7.          Now highlight the eyebrows with the help of highlighter. Apply right beneath your eyebrows. Here, half of the work is done. Do not forget to remove the extra powder from your face with finger.

8.            After that, apply eyebrow pencil on eyebrows to make it somewhat darker than previous one. This will make your eyes prominent and beautiful.

9.           The next step is to apply thin layer of eyeliner above eyelashes, thin or thick which suits you.

10.         Now apply mascara on lashes to give the whole eye makeup a perfect look. Use eyelash curler and gently curl your eyelashes. This will increase the volume of your eyelashes making them look much attractive.

Following these steps you will surely get an awesome and glamorous look for your party.

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