Simple Mehndi Designs for Beginners Step by Step

Egyptian women used to make mehndi designs on their hands, feet, arms and legs. It has been observed that some women and men also apply the mehndi tattoos, designs and motifs on other parts of the body also. They either apply it on their waist, neck or forearms. Men of today are also interested and are seen having mehndi deigns on their different body parts for style. They also make their funky look with mehndi tattoos. Numerous colors and motif styles of Mehndi are in trend nowadays. We can say that now mehndi has become a trend and style of today’s fashion. People have these designs on their body parts for style or love for it. In this article we will explain you and make you aware of some Simple mehndi designs for beginners. Everyone can apply these designs on their hands as they are easy and are only for beginner. If you want the mehndi designs to apply on your or any other’s hands then you do not need to go to parlor immediately. Try these designs out and enjoy the stylish simple mehndi designs for upcoming events in your life.

Simple Mehndi Designs
Simple Mehndi Designs

Simple Mehndi Designs Step by Step:

First of all make sure that mehndi is the one which is skin friendly. Do not use mehndi with the combination of different harmful chemicals. Let’s begin with easiest and simple mehndi designs for beginners. Take a cone of Mehndi with the thinnest opening and follow the below given steps.

1.            Make a circle in between your hand. Keep it thin to make it more beautiful.

2.            Make petal shapes around the circle to give it a look of a flower.

3.            Draw three or four small lines from the previously made circle to the middle of each petal. It will look extremely awesome if you apply it in the shading style giving orange effect.

4.            Now fill the inside of the circle completely with mehndi.

5.            Clean the tip of cone mehndi with a tissue paper. Keep repeating this step whenever you see mehndi stick around it. This step is highly recommended to get a fine touch to your Simple mehndi designs.

6.            Now fill your finger tips with mehndi. Make sure that you only fill one third of your finger.

7.            After the filling is done on finger tips. Make a small and fine half flower emerged out of the filled finger tip. It should be same as the one which you have designed in the center of your palm. Repeat the step with all five fingers of hand.

8.            Keep in mind the neatness of the design otherwise it will not look nice.

9.            Now let it dry and enjoy the beautiful and stylish mehndi design.

Have a look below on the pictures and make your own style with the mixture of these. You will surely love it.

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