Simple Mehndi Designs – Creating Your Own Mehndi Design

There are different kinds of mehndi patterns to adorn your body with henna tattoos and top three are Pakistani mehndi designs, Indian mehndi design and Arabic mehndi designs. These all three simple mehndi designs are much popular and lovely to adopt. But while talking about mehndi designs we may concern Pakistani or Indian mehndi designs. Henna powder is a natural way of tattooing our body. Henna tattoos are much popular among all the young ladies. Pakistani and Indian culture contain some cultural event where they introduce latest henna tattoos on the events.

Well, mehndi is the perfect painless way of adorning yourself. And now it becomes a popular fashion to flaunt the mehndi art these days. Well, the origin of this occasion is rooted from the South East Asian countries there women tries to adorn their selves with different henna tattoos for mehndi celebration for religious events or for marriages.

Simple Mehndi Designs – Creating Your Own Mehndi Design
Simple Mehndi Designs – Creating Your Own Mehndi Design

Creating Your Own Simple Mehndi Design

Creating your own mehndi design is not the matter of how to apply or how to learn about where and how to get henna tattoo. This is just the matter of creativity coupled with patience. If an artist has patience and creativity both in hands then he or she will able to apply henna tattoo or to adorn body perfect as any one desire for. I am going to illustrate some important ways and steps to get perfect mehndi designs and these steps will come handy.

  • Inspiration: This is the first step to promote any persons skill. Well, a lot of mehndi designs are available in the market also on the internet in the form of tutorial and ebooks. This will help you to promote your creativity about getting mehndi patterns and henna art.
  • Mehndi Paste: This is the second step of getting different henna patterns, so for this you have to mix the green henna powder with fresh water and three drops of lemon water to get fabulous pate of henna. After that wait for ten minutes that it will draw out the complete color of henna designs. On the other hand mehndi cones are also available in the market. These cones can mend the perfect curves of henna tattoos and mehndi patterns on the body.
  • Simple Henna Tattoo: Sunflower tattoo is the very popular and traditional tattoo among all the Muslim and Indian girls. This is very easy to draw and those who are on the verge to initiate their own henna tattoos first tries to draw sunflower tattoo.

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