Perfect Hairstyles for Prom In 2014

Hairstyle are different for different types of parties. However, only few among us know this factor of styling. That is why some people look odd in particular function. Prom is a youth party which desires extremely stylish hairstyles. Several hair style are there which can be made for a prom function. Specific hairstyles for prom function are described below:

1.            A beautiful up do hairstyle look pretty admirable in a prom function. Beautiful bun hairstyle will look extremely perfect for prom. Try a bun hairstyle this time at prom. To make it you just have to tie a ponytail right above your head. Roll the hair of ponytail around the center of the ponytail and use hairpins to stick it to head. Use any decorative thing to make your hairstyle more desirable.

Perfect Hairstyles for Prom In 2014

Perfect Hairstyles for Prom In 2014

2.            Straight hair are best for prom night. If you are having straight and long hair than keep them untied for the prom party. Try this hairstyle for the prom this time you will fell much confident in front of others.

3.            If you are having very long hair than the best way to arrange them is to apply curls from bottom to the top of hair or you can apply curls to 3 quarters of your hair. This will surely makes you look perfect among others. Ponytail will also looks beautiful after applying curls.

4.            Make an up do hairstyle sticking it loosely to your head with few hairpins. Make few hair stands free falling downward, to make your look soft and beautiful. Do not apply any hair gel or hairspray while or after making this hairstyle because it must look natural.

5.            To make a gorgeous looking hairstyle for prom just up do all of your hair. Make a ponytail and one by one hold small piece of hair and apply hair gel on it. Roll the small pieces of hair one by one in order to make a ring then attach it to you head with the help of hair pin. Repeat this practice until all the hair in ponytail is attached to your head in a form of ring. A hair style of this type is not only attractive but glamorous too.

Perfect Hairstyles for Prom In 2014

Perfect Hairstyles for Prom In 2014

6.            Long hair needs very less make over. Just curl them and perm them to add volume to hair. Do not add too much volume to it. Make them look natural. This will surely work in a prom night.

7.            A side made ponytail or a stylish braid looks awesome in prom. Tie your hair sideways with any cloth ribbon and dress the whole braid or ponytail with fancy accessories. Use of curler can also work here. Curling hair in the ponytail will further enhance the overall look making you perfect for the prom.



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