Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair|2015

Choosing perfect and cut hairstyle for different hair type is very important. Same styling doesn’t look good with every hair type. Thin hair needs volume so haircuts and hairstyles to add volume to the hair is available while for thick hair there are different styles. Here you will find medium length hairstyles for thick hair which will helps you out to manage them fashionably.

Let’s See 6 Types of Medium Length Hairstyles for Thick Hair:

  1: Beach waves

It is a pretty medium thick hair style that gives you natural look and makes you look stunning. It is easy to make but maybe a little bit time consuming. Rollers or curlers can be use for this style but the advisable way is to do by making small braids of your hair. Moisten the hair with water and make small braids.Medium Length Hairstyles Leave it to dry and when the hair dries out untie the braids. You will get beautiful beach waves naturally and softness of will remain in hair. To fix the curls for long time apply a little hair spray.

2: Side braid

side braid hairstyles
side braid hairstyles

This is the most gorgeous hair style that gives you a lady like look. Girls having medium length thick hair should try this hairstyle. Do not tie all the hair in the braid; let some hair on the top stand freely. It gives more volume to the hair. Moreover push the braid outwards with some force to give it a fluffy look. In this way you can show the full thickness of your hair which looks really elegant.

3: Ponytail

The most quick and lovely hairstyle suggested for medium length hairstyles of thick hair is ponytail. Ponytail shows the body your hair got. Girls with thin hair avoid making ponytails due to less volume of their hair because large volume gives ponytail an amazing attractive look. Thick hair girls are lucky in this case.

4: Full fringe

Full fringe doesn’t look as better on thin hair as on thick hair. Thin hair fringe is when straighten with iron or blow dryer the beauty of style is somewhat vanished. But with the thick hair it seems adorable.

5: High bun

Thin hair needs artificial buns to enhance the style while with thick hair it is easy to make. Thick hair gives natural touch to the high bun and is eye-catching. You can make this bun by first tying the hair to make a ponytail then divide the hair into two parts. Twist both sections separately then wind around the pony to make big bun.

6: Half tied

Thick hair falls forward and causes hindrance in your work. To fix them back tie them with hair clips or hair pins backward. This is cute and very easy medium length hairstyles needs no time to be done. You can do different styling by tying hair differently.

These hairstyles will assist and guide you to make an ideal look at home. Try to avoid applying too much chemicals on your hair and try these naturally done chemical free hairstyle for medium length thick hair to get natural beautiful look. For more questions kindly leave your comments in the comment box.

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