Learn How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes

Do you want to know that how to do makeup for blue eyes? Well there are very rare women who have blue eyes and all those women have some little trouble in choosing with the correct makeup tones as well. When you are having blue eyes then you have to carry out the application with great sum of care and attention. Right from the beginning of the mascara, eye shades, eye liner and eye shadows are some of the main accessories that play the vital role.

Tips How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes:

How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes
How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes

1.            You should make the use of lash comb for separating the eyelashes.

2.            You should clean out the mascara before application so that you can get away from the clumping on the lashes.

3.            You should pay half of the attention on the shape of the eyes as well. For the blue eyes there are various color shades so you need to be careful in making the choice of the best one.

4.            If in case you think that you have eyes that are egg- or oval-shaped then you should apply a lighter shadow on top of the brow bone A darker shade inside the crease and the use of darker shade at the V in the crease will be best.’

5.            For the women with the oval shape eyes the lighter shades would be one of the best choices for the area to pop up. Avoid using the darker color shades because it will going to reduce the attraction of the blue eyes.

6.            Apart from it brighter shades at the edges will even help to produce this appearance.

Steps How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes:

How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes
How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes

1.            In the very beginning you should apply a drop of primer to the eye and by using your finger just rub it all over the eyelid. This will going to make the eye area smooth and easy in application.

2.            Now make the choice of 3-4 shades of the color that ranges from a light color, medium shades, and a dark shade.

3.            On the place of the base of the eyelid you have to make the use of a flat brush on which you will be applying the darkest color from the palette.

4.            Now you have to choose the medium shades in the palette and then  add some eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye by taking yourself as moving upwards.

How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes
How To Do Makeup For Blue Eyes

5.            Now in the last step you have to make the use of soft brush and clean up the eyes. Make the use of lightest color and apply it to the center of the eye. Don’t mix out blending the shades for giving away the final touch.

We hope that by the way of above mentioned steps and tips you must have learnt a lot about the eye makeup for blue eyes! Now follow the tips one by one and we are sure that you will fall in love with your eyes! So, if you have blue eyes then just apply these makeup tips.

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