Latest Wedding Invitation Cards Sample 2014

Wedding is the union of two hearts in one acceptable and respectable relation. It does not just unite two hearts it also unites two different families in a strong bond. Wedding card designer put all the emotions in the wedding cards in the form of beautiful and elegant quotes. In this article we are going to tell you and will show you the beautiful and lovely Wedding invitation wording samples. Wedding invitations must be beautiful and attractive with elegant and eye catching saying on it. These invitations must be written in a way that humbly makes the request of invitation on wedding so that reader cannot resist him or herself to attend the wedding function. It must include the name of receiving people and timings for the wedding ceremony. Wedding ceremony invitation is always written in a formal way considering third person. The whole message should be written in third person language. It must be given to the people and send as invitation for any person one month or few weeks before the wedding so that other person can set his or her schedule according to the wedding dates. It is a unnoticeable thing but very important to be considered that you must invite a person few weeks before because ultimate wedding dates or small span of time for the wedding day can led the third person to not to attend the wedding ceremony.

Below we have provided some pictures showing the samples of wedding invitation cards. See the images and design the one of your own choice for the upcoming wedding.

Wedding Invitation Cards Sample


Wedding Invitation Cards Sample

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