Wedding hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara

A wedding is a great occasion everyone’s life. Every bride wants to look beautiful and perfect on this special occasion of her wedding. If you have long hairs then you can easily make different variety of hairstyles on your wedding. One of the best hairstyle for long hairs is a half up hairstyle in which some of your hair are up and the rest flowing down. If on the wedding day you want temporary locks that fall over your shoulders while the rest of your hair sits pretty in a half up styles is the best hairstyle to make. You can also pull some of your hair back into a braid at the top of your head to make an elegant style statement. This wedding hairstyle is easy to make as well as easy to carry.

Indian Wedding hairstyle for long hairs:

  • Look like A Princess:
hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara

With your hair set in this half up style and the waves falling over your shoulders, look like a princess on your wedding day. This hairstyle looks very beautiful and elegant.

  • Half Up Black Hair:

This is a soft half up style for long black ponytail use rollers to get these pretty locks. It gives stylish look.

  • Golden Style:

Style your hair in loose locks and set it with a pretty hair accessory for a golden diva look.  It is latest fashion to make this style.

  • Shiny Half Up Style:
hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara
hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara

If you have shiny light-colored hair put some of it up to let the rest flow down your shoulders on your wedding day. It also looks very pretty.

  • Wedding Guest Half Up:

You can also set your hairs on your wedding day by pinning your long hair wavy back this is the casual style and look very good.

  • Flower Bride:

A simple half up style for medium-length hair, this look goes perfectly with a backless wedding dress and decorated with flowers of different colors.

hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara
hairstyle for long hairs half up with tiara
  • Rings In Hair:

With some hair pulled back and the rest set in tiny loose rings this is stunning bridal hairstyle and look very elegant and attractive.

  • Stylish Loose Lock:

With your hair half up look casually marvelous by letting a stray lock fall over your forehead. This is also one of the best wedding hairstyle.

  • Right For The Bride:

You can get right bridal look by setting your hair in a half up style with a mass of locks at the back. This is very simple and easy to make.

  • Wood Rose Hairstyle:

You can get wood rose hairstyle on your wedding by highlighting your hairs to match the rose set at the back of the hair. This is also one of the unique and elegant hairstyle.

  • Pretty Wedding Style:

For soft black hair a half up braided style with flowing tendrils can look very pretty. One should try this hairstyle for a classy look.

  • Half Up Puff Style:

You can get this antique look by puffing your front hair and leaving the rest to flow. This hairstyle is also in fashion now a day.

  • Swirl Hairstyle:

Put your hair half up in this elaborate swirl on your wedding day to get a pretty look.

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