Indian Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hairs 2016

Every woman wants to look beautiful on her special day of wedding as she dreams of that special day. Hairstyle is also a very important along with the other things of bride on that special day for women to look more beautiful. Long hairs are the natural beauty of women although these are no longer in fashion but still many women have long hairs. Long hairs are graceful and women having long hairs can make much kind of different and attractive hairstyles on their wedding day. There are many choices of hairstyles for a bride having long hairs.Here we are telling about some most common and popular Indian wedding hairstyles for long hairs those brides who have long hairs.

Indian Wedding Hairstyles
Indian Wedding Hairstyles

Indian Wedding Hairstyle for Long Hairs 2016:

  1. Traditional braid:

                                  Bride can make a traditional Indian bridal hairstyle of a braid on her wedding and decorate it with different flowers patterns to make it more beautiful and attractive. This is the traditional bridal hairstyle of Indian brides and it is most commonly adopted by Indian brides especially in South India. And it is also known as South Indian bridal hairstyle. In this hairstyle beautiful long braid of bride is decorated with different flowers, beads, gold and silver ornaments that are known as jadanagam. Now the fishtail braids and waterfall braids and French braids are very popular in Indian brides these also look very beautiful on brides having long hairs.

  1. Bridal Bun:

                        The bridal bun is one of the most common hairstyle in India for brides and it is also considered ‘classic’ for weddings. Indian brides cover their head with a dupatta, which is made of a netted fabric. This classical bridal bun should be made so neatly and properly as it is visible through the netted dupatta. These buns are also decorated with flowers to make them more beautiful and attractive. It is one of the most common and popular wedding hairstyle among the Indian brides.

  1. Messy Bun:

                     Messy bun is another wedding hairstyle for brides of India. Twists to the normal buns are the messy; these are not-so-perfect buns and give a different look to the bride. It is totally a new and innovative hairstyle for brides. In this hairstyle some curls and strands left on either side of the face to ad some extra beauty to the bride. You can also add flowers to make it more beautiful and attractive.

  1. Open Hairstyle:

                        Brides can also leave their hairs open .Open hairstyles are always in fashion for an Indian bride. Now a day there are many ways to set open hairs of brides. Brides’ hairs can be kept straight or you can make curls.

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