How to Apply Eyeshadow Step by Step for Brown Eyes

Let’s see How to Apply Eyeshadow step by step  for Brown Eyes:

 Eyes with brown eye balls are very easy to make over and go with almost every colour if skin and hair approve them. Brown colour of eyes is widely existed and very neutral at the same time. Colour of dress also matters a lot while choosing eye shadows but for brown eyes, the colours mostly apt are being discussed down here.

Grey , black, silver:

 Brown eyes can carry every colour as mentioned above. Black to silver is a range of tones which can be carried both in days and nights as well. Choosing an eye shadow for brown eyes is not a tough decision as brown can go with all. If you want smoky or cat eyes, black and grey can go stunning!

     Blues, purples:

 Stylists, for brown eyes, recommend blues and purples the most. These are the colours you can mostly with. You can wear them in days and nights irrespective of your dress even. They look gorgeous yet attractive to a great extent. If you are wearing a blue eye shadow with little gold fused and lighter tones of peacock green, you got the game lady! Just don’t forget to line up your eye with the same bright blue otherwise it will high up your dark circles, if you have any. If you are free from dark circles, you can play with blues and purples as you wish! But for dark circles, you have to highlight your lower eye line as well. This is by the way the best contrast.

How to Apply Eyeshadow
How to Apply Eyeshadow

         Plain gold, Brown:

     Plain gold is the eye shadow which is arguably made for brown eyes only! Smudged with diminutive brown, this can present you as a mature, graceful lady. Plain gold does not suit any eye more than brown eyes. If you shade your brown eyes with plain gold and merge it with light brown till the eyes bone, apply mascara and eyeliner, You can get a complete make over.


Green comes in thousands of shades if seen in eye shadow kits. If you choose light greens or the ones with little hazels or sea blues, they look the best.

    Yellows, Oranges:

Yellow or orange is another eye shadow for brown eyes that can compliment your eyes to an immense extent. Apply yellow tinted with orange on the lid, more towards the inner corner. Go out with little brown or tinted copper towards the tail end of eye and blend it into the black eye liner. There you go!

Many other shades, almost all found in your eye shadow plate can have a flattering effect over your brown eyes. Choice is yours!

How to Apply Eyeshadow
How to Apply Eyeshadow

Brands offering Eye shadows for brown eyes:

Various brands leave their products in market for you to choose the one best suited to your need and pocket both. Names of some famous companies producing eye shadow for brown eyes are:

  1. Rimmel
  2. Revlon
  3. L’oreal
  4. Smashbox
  5. NARS
  6. MAX
  7. Urban Decay

Any one out of these and thousands more can suite as your “how to apply eyeshadow  for brown eyes.”

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