Henna Patterns 2015 an Eastern Tradition

Culture of Henna and Henna Patterns:

Henna is a part of many cultures and is quite an old tradition backing to almost 5000 years. Generally it is associated with Hindu culture and tradition but it has Islamic roots as well. Henna patterns and designs are an inevitable part of customs and events in Indian Sub-continent. In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal and nearby countries, marriages, diwali, karwachaut, Eid-ul-Azha, Eid-ul-Fitr, Child births and other celebrations are incomplete without Henna. This is a typical sub-continental trait which has got fused in the whole world now in little modified forms as well.

Hindu and Muslim get Henna patterns drawn on hands, foot, legs and arms to compliment their beauty and It is considered a good symbol of celebration. And a fortunate sign.

In Pakistan, on nights before Eid, Beauty salons are full of orders about Henna patterns 2015 . In

Pakistani marriages, a complete day is spared to carry out Henna celebrations in which Henna patterns are drawn on bride’s hand and foot to prepare her for her groom. Henna culture is a vital part of Indian sub-continent’s themes and traditions.

Different Types of Henna Patterns 2015 :

Hennah patterns are drawn on hands, foot, shoulders, arms and legs for embellishment of typical sub-continental brides. Flowers, leafs, sun, and other symbols of nature are drawn to express happiness and beauty. Now a days various Hennah patterns have become popular. Different types include:

  • Arabian Henna Patterns
  • Indian Henna Patterns
  • Pakistani Henna Patterns
  • Rajasthani Henna patterns
  • Balouchi Henna Patterns


Arabian Henna Patterns 2015 :

Henna is basically a tradition of sub-continent but switching back to dates, this has been passed to Arab as well. Arabian Henna patterns are very much loved and appreciated by those who love thick and dark henna patterns. These designs may include symbols of Buds, flowers, vines and leaves etc.

Arabian Henna Patterns
Arabian Henna Patterns 2015

Pakistani Henna Patterns 2015 :

In modern times, the advancement in communication has resulted in fusion of cultures. That is why, all patterns are inn fashion and popular everywhere. Pakistani Henna patterns are quite similar to Indians and this art is quite common in young girls now. Beauty salons and henna booths serve the customers in absolute accordance with their desired henna pattern.

Pakistani Henna Patterns
Pakistani Henna Patterns 2015

Indian Henna Patterns 2015 :

Indian Henna patterns include sun, half of full moons, flowers, parrots, zigzags etc. These patterns are thin and narrow in drawing and require enough labor.

Rajasthani Henna Patterns 2015 :

As being an Indian desert, women of Rajasthan mostly like dot patterns and Designs which depict the habitat and ecosystems of desert. Henna patterns over there include snakes in Dark color, scorpions, stars etc. These are the typical ones of Rajasthan women, but in modern times, they have been merged with Indian and Pakistani Henna patterns in general.

Rajasthani Henna Patterns
Hennah patterns 2015

Balochi Hennah patterns 2015 :

Balochi Henna patterns are particularly popular in Balochistan. This pattern can easily be seen in typical balochi embroidery also. Floral, yet thick is the pattern typical associated with balochi henna trends.

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