Eyebrow Make Up – Augmenting Your Exquisiteness

Eyebrow make up: Importance and effect

According to stylists, eyebrows are those features of face which can entirely change the impression of your personality. Wherever you go, you are noticed by your eyes and these are eyes which reflect your inner person. So, if your eyes are attention grabbers and well presented, you can win the game! And for your eyes to look striking, you eyebrows play imperative role. A properly trimmed and well defined eyebrow can surely boost your self confidence and your presentation to the people around you. You will comprehend the tips of eyebrow make up and few simple in doing yet complex in facade skills to compliment your face by eyebrow make up. Plus the tools and products used in eyebrow make up.

How to do Eyebrow make up:

Eyebrow make up has various steps from shaping, cutting, trimming to twee zing, shading, highlighting and broadening. We’ll be dealing with all the steps down here.

Eyebrow Make Up - Augmenting Your Exquisiteness
Eyebrow Make Up – Augmenting Your Exquisiteness


First of all, comb your brows in an outward direction. Some times your hair growth varies from hair to hair which results in few long while other short hair. This change in hair length means a lot while doing an eyebrow make up.

So, you need to bring all your hair in one direction, the outward direction, through eyebrow combs available in market. Then cut the longer, uneven hair to a proportionate arch and bring it to an even shape.


Hair which are trimmed by scissors are not pulled out of their follicles. For this purpose, tweezers are used to take out hair from their very roots. This would make your eyebrow make up long lasting.

Eyebrow Make Up - Augmenting Your Exquisiteness
Eyebrow Make Up – Augmenting Your Exquisiteness


After trimming and tweezing, ‘comb’ your eyebrow once again to check if your arch is as it should be. If not, you can use tweezers and scissors once again. After combing, use a black or dark brown pencil depending on your hair color. You can use a brush to eradicate remains of hair if you think there are any stuck to your eyebrow.


This step should be followed warily. The shades used in your eyebrow make up must be in accordance with your natural hair color and your skin tone. Otherwise it can look eerie. The most frequently used shades lie in black to brown range falling mostly towards black to darker tones of browns. Light browns are also worn among those with extremely free complexions. Use these pencils to darken your eyebrows and apply in outward direction.

Eyebrow Make Up - Augmenting Your Exquisiteness
Eyebrow Make Up – Augmenting Your Exquisiteness


After following all the above steps, if your highlighting is not accurately done, you would spoil your entire look. Highlighters in silver, gold, tan, badge and likewise colors are available in market. Use of a little highlighter will come out to with an extremely well-designed eyebrow make up.

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