Most Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs For 2013

Well, henna is a dye plant and this plant is used to dye hair and to draw different sort of tattoos on the body since ancient times. Henna powder is obtained from henna plant and then this green henna powder used to draw temporary tattoos on the body. This sort of art is capable in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. But these tattoos were become popular in North America and Europe in the mid of 1990’s and then these henna Mehndi designs were associate as tattoos. Green henna powder is mixed up with fresh water to get a perfect paste and then this paste is applied on the in the form of tattoos on the desired part of the body.

Most Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs For 2013
Most Beautiful Henna Mehndi Designs For 2013

Ø  Knowing the Best Design

Before applying the henna paste on your body you must know that what sort of tattoo you want to get on your body. Knowing the perfect design of henna depends on the occasion or the event which you want to attend some of the ways is given below.

  • Wedding Ceremony: If you want to attend a wedding ceremony then you have to get much time consuming and complex henna tattoo on your hand because wedding ceremony is the elegant event to join with friends. At this event girls want to look gorgeous and stunning that’s why they choose complex henna tattoos which fully fulfill their hands with henna.
  • Religious Event: Religious events are not much complex and time consuming because at this event girls try to get simple henna tattoos. A simple sunflower henna tattoo on the upper or lower palm of the hand. Or simply they just decorate the tips of fingers with flower shaped henna patterns for lovely and gorgeous event.
  • Eid Mehndi Designs: Eid is a religious event and Muslims celebrate this event with full appetite that’s why girls try to enhance their religious view by getting awesome henna tattoos on the hands or other parts of the body. But Eid mehndi designs are also not much time consuming and hard to get they are simple and easy to draw.
  • If you want to get perfect henna tattoo according to your personality and event then you may visit a beauty salon or tattoo expert who will help you to know about what sort of tattoos will sit perfect on your personality and on the event which you want to attend or celebrate.

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