How to Do Asian Eye Makeup Step by Step with Picture 2017

 Asian Eye Makeup Step by Step:

Whenever you go out, the foremost important thing for you is to look stunning. And generally eyes are considered to be the most accentuating feature of your face. They are the most expressive feature of your eyes. Hence eye makeup should be done dexterously. Most of the women think that applying eye makeup is a difficult task but it really isn’t. Those who do not know the proper methods to apply eye makeup spend a lot of time trying out the appropriate color going with their attire. But Asian eye makeup can be simple and appealing and above that it can be done in hardly 10 minutes. Here are some meticulous tips to apply Asian eye makeup dexterously.

Step by Step makeup tips:

 Asian Eye Makeup Step by Step
Asian Eye Makeup Step by Step


  • The first thing can do is apply a little amount of concealer on your eyes to conceal dark circles.
  • Three dots of concealer should be applied to each under eye. Begin with the inner part since that corner is the darkest.
  • Then move to pupils and after that outer part as that is less dark.
  • Avoid rubbing and be gentle with your skin.

Eye Base

  • The next step is to apply a layer of eye base. Apply it on your eyelids gently.
  • Eye base is necessary as it preserves your eye makeup for long time period without disturbing and smudging it.

Eye Shadow

  • The best choice for eye shadows is the blend of three shades. You can gently start with lid heading to the brow.
  • Begin with the lightest shade and end up with the brow bone.
  • In the same way, you can work with medium and darker shade.
  • But when you apply the darker one, keep one thing in mind that, don’t go overboard! Darker shade does not look good on brow bone so do not apply it there.
  • Last but not the least! The key to have gorgeous eye makeup is to blend the colors well.


  • Asian eye makeup is incomplete without eyeliner. You just need to apply it carefully. Dark eyeliner goes well with dark eye shadows.
  • First of all close your eye lid as much as possible and then start from the inner corner to the outer one.
  • Similarly do with the lower eye lid. But this time do not start with inner corner. Start from middle to the outer corner.


  • Apply the stick of mascara on the bottom of eyelashes. To complete your Asian eye makeup.

Your makeup is done and it took hardly 10 minutes. Just follow these simple tips and have perfect Asian eye makeup.

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