Arabic Simple Mehndi designs New Style 2017

Arabic Simple Mehndi designs:

Mehndi is said to be the most famous type of make up or means of decoration for women from centuries. In ancient times, it was used to enhance the beauty and charm of a bride or by women on special occasions such as Eid in order to décor themselves. Today, the uses of Mehndi are same except for the fact that modern fashion world has introduced new and unique designs for this naturally occurring “makeup” element. Southeast Asia and Arabia are quite famous for their different and marvelous Mehndi designs.

Especially the Arabic mehndi designs are known for their unique and distinctive nature. Unlike the Southeast Asian designs, Arabic simple Mehndi designs are practiced in whole of the Arab world, North Africa, Persian Gulf and even in parts of Spain. Arabic designs do not focus on covering a full hand or a foot; rather they are precise and significantly unique from others. Besides this, the most awesome thing about Arabic Henna designs is that they do not contain only flower patterns or stuff similar to that. What they are usually composed of is some sort of floral patterns, bird pictures or other intriguing images etc that are really impressive.

Arabic simple Mehndi designs are available in a very wide variety. Traditionally the bride or women want the Henna patterns to cover up their hands but nowadays, the trend has changed. The artists leave the hand or draw a simple design on a lady’s hand but cover up the upper part till the ankle. Similarly, some women want simple designs on their feet as well but end up with unique and good looking designs up to the upper part of the foot ankle. It all depends upon your will and the creativity of the artist.

The best part about the Arabic henna designing is that there are no specific rules or specific patterns involved. You can opt for any style you like and get started. It can either be a simple loop and line designing or some complex flowery pattern, all depending upon the nature of the woman. Apart from this designing stuff, finishing is also considered to be very important. For this purpose, several ornaments like glitter, multiple shades, colors etc are used. The artist uses a suitable glitter to outline the design in a specific way making it more prominent. When it comes to colors and shades, red pink and green are the most famous ones. Some artists even mix up the colors forming a new shade that looks very attractive. Once this is done, the henna artist inserts this shade gently into the design such that its beauty is enhanced properly.

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